Statement of Faith

Theological Commitments

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  1. We believe in the one and only God, who is also tri-personal, consisting of the Father, Son, and Spirit as three distinct persons.
  2. We believe that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man, that he is the unique and sufficient revelation of God's character and being, that he lived a sinless life, that he was born of a virgin, died a substitutionary death on the cross, that, outside of his substitutionary death, there is no escape from the just wrath and punishment of God for the sins that all persons of sufficient age and mental capacity have committed, and that there is no other name under heaven by which men will be saved. We believe that Jesus was physically and bodily resurrected, ascended into heaven, will return to earth in power and glory, and will judge the living and the dead.
  3. We believe that outside of an act of God, man will not choose to act righteously or repent of sin, that it is the work of God alone, acting through the Spirit, that man dies to his love of sin, is born-again, and chooses to act righteously, that the repentance of sin and trust in Christ's substitutionary work is thus initiated by God himself, prior to the sinner's having any morally good intention to turn from sin and choose to do what is morally praiseworthy, and that therefore God's goodwill toward and adoption of the sinner as his son or daughter is first of all based on God's love for and faithfulness towards the sinner when he or she was still an unrepentant sinner. Accordingly, we further believe, that, though the saint may at times sin again, God will graciously and undeservedly remain faithful to the saint who sins, working in him or her to bring repentance again, which repentance, effected by the Spirit, is a sign to the sinner that God has not abandoned the sinner in his or her sin. Thus, though repentance is necessary, the saint does not trust in works for justification or salvation, but in the faithfulness and love of the God who has brought him or her to repentance, confessing freely that salvation is by grace through faith, not by works.
  4. We believe that God inspired every one of the Biblical authors and accordingly seek to submit to God's Word as authoritative in life, practice, and thought. Credible Faith will not deny the doctrine of the total verbal inspiration and inerrancy of every book of the Old and New Testaments, yet at the same time, as an organization dedicated to defending the Christian message and strengthening the church and the faith of individual believers in the church, Credible Faith recognizes that, if a believer comes across a specific difficulty in a Biblical text and questions whether the evidence against the Biblical text being true is ultimately convincing, or if a Muslim claims that the New Testament is wrong because the Koran is inspired or if an atheist claims (if there are atheists) that neither the Koran nor the Bible is inspired (there being no divine being to inspire a text in an atheistic view), the argument will not be settled nor the doubt assuaged simply by reaffirming that a Biblical text is inspired. At that point, one must make an appeal to historical, philosophical, or scientific evidence or arguments for the truth or inspiration of the Biblical text. If a Biblical text is inspired and inerrant and therefore true, then history properly done, science properly done, and philosophy properly done will lead to a conclusion that is the same as what a Biblical text affirms or at least that does not contradict that affirmation. Credible Faith seeks to start with history, philosophy, and science and show how such disciplines ultimately confirm what a Biblical text says.
  5. We believe that God created the heavens and the earth from nothing, that he specially created a first human male and female couple, that he did so by special creation without a process of biological evolution, and that this intended creation order of male for female and of female for male is ethically normative.
  6. We believe that the body of Christ has been instructed to make disciples of all nations and to teach his commands.